Thames to Dunkirk (Thames side) fully open

Here are the sources from which the River of Stories flowed.       I chose stories from many places, including archives, published books, websites and personal conversations, and the following are some of the most quoted. I’d like to emphasise that most of this collection formed my original working resource for the making of Thames to Dunkirk, research material for that particular artwork which I then developed into the River of Stories. It’s by no means a comprehensive collection of all available accounts, but it may be of interest for further reading on Dunkirk.  For more information on the BG Bonallack poem and the Virginia Woolf text set in Thames to Dunkirk, please see BG Bonallack, Virginia Woolf’s diary and the making of Thames to Dunkirk.

Books and DVDs from my collection of material related to Dunkirk 1940

The photo library, document archive and art collection of the Imperial War Museum

The art collections of the National Maritime Museum and the Queen’s House

The Museum of London Docklands, and the Port of London Authority archive there

The Association of Dunkirk Little Ships website

The Massey Shaw website

The Diaries of Virginia Woolf (The Hogarth Press 1985)

The Waves  Virginia Woolf (The Hogarth Press 1931)

The Snow Goose  Paul Gallico (Michael Joseph 1941)

The Nine Days Wonder  John Masefield (Heinemann 1941)

England’s Hour  Vera Brittain (Macmillan 1940)

Dunkirk: Fight to the Last Man  Hugh Sebag-Montefiore (Viking 2006)

Forgotten Voices of the Second World War  Max Arthur in association with the IWM (Ebury Press/IWM 2004)

Dunkirk: The British Evacuation 1940  Robert Jackson (Cassell 1976)

Voices from the War at Sea  John Winton (Vintage 2007)

Debs at War  Anne de Courcy (Weidenfeld and Nicolson 2005)

Dunkirk  AD Divine (Faber 1945)

Five days in London  John Lukacs (Yale University Press 1965)

The Second World War: an illustrated history  AJP Taylor (Hamish Hamilton 1975)

This is your Century  Geoffrey Trease (Heinemann 1965)

The Journey not the Arrival Matters  Leonard Woolf (The Hogarth Press 1969)

Other Men’s Flowers  ed. AP Wavell (Cape 1941)

The Faber Book of English History in Verse ed. Kenneth Baker (Faber 1988)

Change  Maureen Duffy (Methuen 1987)

The Hundred Years’ War  ed. Neil Astley  (Bloodaxe Books 2014)

Retreat via Dunkirk  Gun Buster (Hodder & Stoughton 1940)

Ebb and Flow: Evacuations and Landings by Merchant Ships in World War Two  Roy V Martin (Brook House Books 2010)

The Suffolk Golding Mission: A Considerable Service  Roy V Martin (Brook House Books 2014)

London War Notes  Mollie Panter-Downes  (Longman 1972 and Persephone Books 2014)

World Blackout  Sarah Gertrude Millin  (Faber 1941)

The World of Yesterday  Stefan Zweig (English translation Anthea Bell, Pushkin Press 2009, first published in 1942 in Stockholm as Die Welt von Gestern, Williams Verlag Zurich 1942)

Many thanks to all the participants and contributors to The Dunkirk Project, including Elspeth Owen, Liz Archer, Robin Dibblee, Helen Addis, George Wilkinson and James Killen, and in 2015 the poets Maureen Duffy and Jeremy Hooker, Charlie Bonallack and the family of BG Bonallack, Roy Martin of Brook House Books, Neil Astley of Bloodaxe Books, Linda Rowley and many others. And as ever, my heartfelt thanks to Frances Bingham for unfailing engagement with and untiring support of The Dunkirk Project.

My copy of AD Divine's Dunkirk